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A small memo to collect a suitcase for the child: what things will be needed, and what things should not be given!
1) Don't forget put

Personal hygiene items:

  •     Toothbrush and toothpaste
  •     Soap (with soap box), shampoo, loofah, bath towel
  •     A couple of rolls of toilet paper
  •     Deodorant
  •     Panties, socks (please - more than two pairs)
  •     Swimwear (swimsuit)
  •     Nightgown, pajamas
  •     Rubber slippers for shower and pool
  •     Personal cup, comb, handkerchief

2) Clothes and footwear

Clothing for a child should be as light: T-shirts, shorts, and warmer:

sports suit, pants, outerwear with long sleeves, windbreaker.

Shoes should also be as light: flip-flops or sandals, and warmer: sneakers, sneakers.

If rain is forecasted - raincoat raincoat and rubber boots will come in handy!

The child must have a hat: cap, or panama!


We issue a set of clean bed linen: blanket, duvet cover, pillowcase,

pillow, sheet, bedspread and towel for the feet.

Therefore, there is no need to pack bed linen.

You can bring your child a pillow if he is allergic to fluff.

Don't give the child:

  •          Boiler, electric kettle;
  •          Perishable food and beverages;
  •          Stitching and cutting objects, slingshots, etc.
  •          Any tobacco, alcoholic products and goods - in case of detection,
  •          the child will be expelled from the camp without refunding the cost of the tour;
  •          Narcotic substances - in case of detection, this will be handled by the police.


We do not recommend giving the child to the camp portable game consoles,

players, expensive jewelry and the like. Remember that you give them at your own peril and risk.

Children are children, there is always a possibility of spoilage, or loss of such a toy.

Why do you need additional disorders?





If your child should take during the change of medication on a regular basis,

They must be passed to the doctor of the camp, who will monitor the taking of medicines by the child.

Also, you need to inform the doctor of the camp about the features of your child's treatment (what medications can be given and which ones can not be given)

A few more tips
Try not to give your child too many things. The bag should weigh as much as the child can lift. We help the kids to carry heavy bags to the distribution point, but our employees are obviously less than children, so it is possible that the child will carry the things himself;

Label your bag, or suitcase with a label with the name and surname of the child. You can make a list of things, and put it in the bag in the file. This will help the child to collect his things at the end of the shift without confusing anything and not forgetting;

It is not necessary to stuff a child's bag with food. Immediately after the distribution, the detachments will have lunch.

Remember that you can come to the camp any day to take, or change the things of the child. Please take into account the schedule of the day.

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