You decided to go to our camp and find friends, spend the summer in an exciting game with real adventures? Or did you choose our camp so that the child would rest and gain strength, get useful skills? It's great, then read this page and get acquainted with the camp "Stroitel", if you were not here  already. If you are our permanent vacationer, then we will be glad to see you again.

The member's
Children age from 7 to 16 years.
A total of 200 children can live in the camp. All children are divided into groups, each of which does not exceed 40 people. Children live in comfortable rooms for 4-5 people. Groups are formed by age. Children support each other in competition, and in life. Our program is based on the competition of teams, so the units are formed equal in strength.

Sanitary conditions
For many children this is the first acquaintance, we tried to bring our conditions as close as possible to the home or country. In the buildings there are toilets, a convenient place for washing, separate spacious showers with locker rooms, a pool - all this will allow the child to quickly adapt and feel absolutely free.
All public places - toilets, showers and washbasins are treated several times a day with disinfectants. Cleaning of the territory, showers, toilets and garbage disposal is carried out by the responsible person at least twice a day. In the dark the light around the toilets and showers is turned on and off automatically.

First-aid post and doctor
An experienced doctor is in the camp around the clock, and you can contact him at any time. For prevention purposes, every child is examined every other day. In the medical center, all the necessary medicines are always available, and for the sick children there is a separate infirmary. The territory of the camp before the arrival is necessarily processed from ticks.
There is always a car on duty in the camp, and in case of an emergency the child will be immediately taken to the nearest district hospital in Bishkek. Sports competitions are necessarily conducted under the supervision of a doctor. In addition, all instructors and many counselors have a first aid technique.

On the camp's territory: a football field, pioneerball and badminton grounds, tennis tables and a horizontal bar. For all the teams we hold sports competitions, and the winners are solemnly awarded!

Fresh air
Clean air has medicinal properties, favorably affects respiratory processes, relieves fatigue and soothes the nervous system.


New friends
"Stroitel's" friendship is, as they say, for ages! Guys, completely unfamiliar on the first day, become best friends in the end!

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«Stroitel» friendship is, as they say, for ages! The guys, who are completely unfamiliar on the first day, become best friends in the end.


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