Food in the camp

Professional chefs and only fresh, quality products - guarantee delicious food in the camp "Stroitel".

Nutrition of children is carried out according to the norms and rules developed for children's institutions.

The stationary kitchen is equipped with everything you need. Controls every meal a full-time doctor.

The diet takes into account the high physical activity of children in the open air, we always provide for the possibility of "supplementation".

Fresh, certified products - meat and fish, milk, vegetables and fruits, bread and pastries - are delivered to the camp daily.

All perishable products are stored in the refrigerator.

Professional chefs with experience in children's institutions prepare delicious, healthy and varied food for children.

Every day they please children with new dishes, which are prepared according to a 12-day cycle menu.

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«Stroitel» friendship is, as they say, for ages! The guys, who are completely unfamiliar on the first day, become best friends in the end.


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