Our counselors are not just educators, or nannies for children. For as long as 12 days our counselors will become the closest people to your child! After all, they will not only entertain the child and play with him.



Counselor will become the best friend 
He can be trusted by anyone, even the most secret secret.

Counselor will reveal the child's talents.
And with the help of our artistic leaders will help these talents to realize.
Counselor will be like mom:
Kind and affectionate. If suddenly it becomes sad - she will listen carefully, and give the correct advice.
At night, tell a story. And if you suddenly dreamed something terrible - calm down, tightly embrace, and all fears will pass!

Counselor will be like a dad:
How can you be proud - strong and smart! He will teach the child everything that he can do himself. He knows the answer to any question. He knows so many interesting stories,
that everything does not tell and for the change! He can be strict, but never angry. You can play sports with him, play football. With this, the child will feel "like a stone wall"!

Counselor at the time will become an older brother and sister:
Young, funny, stylish, creative and just cool! They will easily support the conversation about modern trends in music and cinema, in video games and sports.
They are easy to communicate with, their company is not boring!


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«Stroitel» friendship is, as they say, for ages! The guys, who are completely unfamiliar on the first day, become best friends in the end.


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